Results of the competition "Battle of Jewelers IX"

3 May 2021, 17:07 Dmitry Tataurov

From April 20 to April 30 of 2021, the international competition of jewelry and stone-cutting art "Battle of Jewelers IX" was held on the largest jewelry Internet platform in Russia named "Typical Jeweler".

Competing Masters were from 36 countries: Russia, Belarus, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Armenia, Israel, Austria, France, Finland, Italy, Denmark, Czech Republic, Poland, Australia, Canada, USA, Mexico , England, Nigeria, Ghana, India, South Africa, Brazil, Cuba, Trinidad and Tobago, El Salvador, Vietnam, Tunisia, Ecuador.

To participate in 17 nominations of the competition, 450 applications were submitted from jewelers from 36 countries of the world from all continents of the planet.

  •  gold jewelry
  •  silver jewelry
  •  jewelry made of non-precious materials
  •  interior composition
  •  sculptural plastic of small forms made of metal (no more than h-150mm)
  •  video presentation of jewelry
  •  stone art
  •  carving on precious minerals
  •  multi-lithium mosaic from rocks
  •  student jewelry
  •  jewelry of beginners
  •  hot enamel, all jewelry techniques
  •  engraving
  •  art objects

- 3D modeling

  • computer
  • handmade in wax

- Sketches

  • sketches of jewelry
  • souvenirs and dishware group

Category "Gold Jewelry"

1st place: shared by Alan Revere, San Francisco, USA and Rita Briali, St. Petersburg, Russia

Ring: name "Fold-Unfold". 18K yellow gold, 585 red gold, platinum, diamonds. Height 55 mm, side 25 mm, depth 30 mm. Author: Alan Revere. San Francisco, California, USA

Inspiration - "The best gift for a woman is a man, and for a man a feminine woman."

Brooch Poppy - pin 14kt gold, gilded frame, carved citrine, freshwater pearls, crystal. Cold alternative polymer stained glass, brush painting. Stamens - cold enamel. It is fixed in two positions - a flower with a leaf and separately as a single flower. Size: 9 x 6cm. Weight 11gr.

Brooch Video -


III place: Margarita Zimina, Istra, Russia

Earrings "Thistle". Gold, amethyst, resins. Overall length 58 mm. Year of creation: 2020.

Category "Silver Jewelry"

I place: Rita Briali, Saint Petersburg, Russia - 36 points

Inspiration - "If Coco de Chanel made women masculine, now is the time to bring them back to femininity." Ring, cSModeled by hand using Mitsubishi technology from ductile silver baked in a muffle. The ring shank has classic hot enamel and zircons. Inside the ring is a glass pestle made in a burner flame. Ring Petals are a cool alternative polymer stained glass window. In the photo there is size 17, a flower 5cm in diameter, weight 12g. Year of creation: 2016.

Ring video - watch

Instagram: see

II place: Dmitry Kuznetsov, Novosibirsk, Russia 27 points

Necklace "Spring 2020". Materials: silver 925, gold 585, yellow sapphires.

Techniques: filigree, hand wax modeling. The work was created in many respects during the first, most dull quarantine of the last year, and that atmosphere and mood could not but affect the whole process. If you think about what kind of atmosphere it is, then personally for me - loneliness, and also alertness, and also the confidence that where the garden rose withers, the weed will always break through, and what a dandelion is, in fact, is an ineradicable weed. Although I feel sorry for the rose.

III place: Olga Beleacova Prague, Czech Republic - 15 points

NECKLACE "ERIA" The product was created in 2016. The necklace is made of a combination of 925 ° silver (silver weight 50.25 grams) and 585 ° yellow gold (gold weight 2.91 grams). With inserts of fancy sapphires 9.7ct and amethyst 43 ct. Jewelry dimensions: height and width of the central part of the flower - 65 x 54 mm, necklace length - 51 cm.

Category "Jewelry from non-precious materials"

1st place: Armen Vardapetyan Moscow, Russia 29 points

Brooch "Key of the Undead". Silver, shell core, citrines. Length: 10 cm.

II place: Margarita Zimina Istra, Russia 27 points

"Lilac". Hair ornament. Brass, resins, briolets: amethyst, topaz, adularia, aquamarine. Total length approx. 80 mm. Year of creation: 2016.

III place: Stanislav Malov, Magnitogorsk, Russia 23 points

Panerai watch, hand engraving, titanium, inserts in gold, silver, blackening. Watch 45 * 50 mm

Category "Jewelry of Students"

1st place: Vlad Shmakov St. Petersburg, Russia 22 points

Title: "Radiant Midday". Materials: cupronickel, copper, cubic zirconia, artificial pearls. Graduation qualification craft at the Higher School of Economics (Academy). St. Petersburg. 2020. The set consists of a cocktail ring and a bracelet. Everything is done by hand. The headset idea is based on the hibiscus flower "Chinese rose"

II place: Lev Neretin, Magnitogorsk, Russia 21 points

Dessert set "Autumn". Material: nickel silver. Spoon dimensions: 129x37 mm. Fork dimensions: 124x25 mm. Technique: forging, chasing, edging, granulating. MSTU them. GI Nosova, ISAiI, Department of HOM (artistic processing of materials). 2021

III place: Elizaveta Shaimuratova, Novosibirsk, Russia 14 points

Jewelry set "Moon light". Year of creation: 2019. «In this work, I tried to convey how the moonlight spreads across the starry sky on a bewitchingly warm summer night». Materials: silver, moonstone, cubic zirconia. NSTU, Faculty of Mechanics and Technology, Department of Materials Science, specialty: Technology of artistic processing of metals.

Category "Sketches of jewelry"

1st place: Alena Budkina Kostroma, Russia 28 points

Necklace on a floral theme. Made on the basis of Eleutherococcus prickly. Materials, techniques and inserts: yellow gold 585, patinated gold 375, black pearls, ruby, colorless sapphire.

Place of study: Kostroma State University, department of technology of artistic processing of materials, artistic design and technical service, specialty: technology of artistic processing of materials, 3 course.

II place: Victoria Krupeeva Kostroma, Russia 24 points

Jewelry set consisting of a necklace and earrings "Snowdrops". Technology: Casting, white gold (execution in silver is possible). Brushed metal. rigid construction (plant half of the necklace), movable construction (geometric half of the necklace), box lock.

Inserts: Fantasy-cut topaz. Delicate spring flowers with a vulnerable soul are combined with an absolutely contrasting half of the necklace, made in a geometric style. A parade of stones lined up in a certain dynamics.

The matte texture of the metal buds contrasts with the shine of the stones. The earrings are made in the same style: the body of the earring is made in geometry (movable structure) inserts: fantasy-cut topaz. Delicate flower buds hang over the parade of stones. Both the necklace and earrings are completed with a snowdrop bud on a movable joint.

III place: Sonya Latukhina, Yekaterinburg, Russia 20 points

Chess project based on the cartoon series "Samurai Jack". UrSAHU, department: artistic metal processing, 2020

Category "Engraving"

1st place: Vladimir Simonov, St. Petersburg, Russia 35 points

Rolex milgauss watches. Hand engraving with inlaid: Pure, red, green gold, silver. Watch diameter 40mm

II place: Stanislav Malov, Magnitogorsk, Russia 23 points

Dimensions: 12cm by 8.5cm. Silver, hand engraving, blackening (pirate theme).

III place: Taytov Hasanguseyn, Kubachi village, Dagestan, Russia 22 points

Product dimensions: height 47cm, width 28cm. The volume of the bottle is 500 ml. Stacks of 70ml (6pcs). Gift box size 60 * 50cm. Weight 3970 grams. Material: 925 sterling silver with niello, deep engraving. Completely handmade.

Category "Enamel"

1st place: Svetlana Luzanova St. Petersburg, Russia 26 points

Dedication-decoration in stained glass enamels for the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory over Fascism. The Scorched Gardens crest is dedicated to the Courage and dedication of the staff of the St. Petersburg Botanical Garden.

Silver, hot stained glass enamel, cultured pearls, brass, rosewood. Filigree, edging, enameling, oxidation, setting, wood carving. The size of the Crest is 235x155x23 mm. Weight 70 grams.

II place: Ako Kharistvalashvili, Tbilisi, Georgia 21 points

Giraffe. Silver 925, Brooch-pendant. Hot cloisonne enamel. Natural stones. sultanite, tanzanite, amethyst, citrine, blue topaz, garnet, chrysolite. I am a professional artist, photographer and jeweler. Size: 73x63mm

III place: Alexander Shatokhin, Chelyabinsk, Russia 17 points

Ring "Water world" size (diameter) of the top of the ring 27 mm, height 30 mm. Hot enamel, emeralds, sapphire, 750 gold.

Category "3D Modeling"

1st place: Alexey Abramov, St. Petersburg 14 points

Veles is a sorcerer. Material - silver, leather cord.

Wait, traveler ...

Do you know who I am, human?

I will introduce myself to you, since we met on this forest road at such a late hour.

At a time older than hundreds of lives like yours, man, Svarog's wife Lada in the heavenly garden Iriya caught a magic pike. Oh gods! It was a glorious dinner that day with Svarog! Lada threw the bones into the field. By chance they were found by the heavenly cow Zemun and, as befits a cow, ate them.

As a result of this action, at the behest of Rod, a strange creature was born to Zemun ... Either it was a bull, or a man, or even a bear ... It was Veles. You never know who he will appear before you.

Are you still listening, human? Do not tremble so, relax! I won't hurt you ... I guess ... I'll continue with your permission.

So, God Veles was born. In his life, he equally cognized the forces of light and darkness. He had no equal in possession of secret knowledge. He is able to subjugate the elements and change the laws of the universe. He showed the world the power of movement: before him, the world was static. He fought with Perun and was not defeated by him, but was expelled from the world of Prav ...

He is I, little man!

I wandered for many years after my exile! I helped people in their aspirations and taught crafts and secret knowledge. I had my animals with me. They loved me, and I responded in kind. They served me ... I traveled the worlds. I have learned everything that a person can only know in a million of his lives! I helped people not to die in a hungry year: I saved their fields and helped their wheat to grow. I am the quintessence of knowledge and justice! I see all the thoughts of people! It is possible for me to know their true intentions! I will help any offended or needy person, but I will severely punish the villain.

Now raise your eyes to me, man, and tell me who you are and what are your thoughts? Don't try to deceive me. I spoke and you listened.

Raise your eyes ...

II place: Roma Romanyuk Poltava, Ukraine 9 points

The suspension was modeled after silver. Naturally for working on a CNC for a micro tool.

III place was shared by Ilya Kuzmenko, Almaty, Kazakhstan and Sonya Latukhina, Yekaterinburg, Russia 8 points

Genghis Khan bracelet lock. Author: Ilya Kuzmenko Almaty, Kazakhstan

Incense bottles and incense burners project. Author: Sophia Latukhina Yekaterinburg, UrSAHU, department: artistic metal processing, 2020

Category "Modeling in wax"

1st place: Tatiana Lila, St. Petersburg, Russia 31 points

Pendant length including eyelet and pearl 60 mm. Weight: 14.28 g, iguana size: 20x25 mm. Silver, hot enamel, blue topaz, pearls.

II place: Arkady Rogovsky Murmansk, Russia 21 points

Badge for a belt "God One" cut out by hand, size 70 * 55mm.

III place: Tamara Samoilenko St. Petersburg, Russia 20 points

Title: "Tea Party". Finished product weight: 37g. Ring size 17, height 43x30 mm. Materials: silver 925, black palm, hot enamel.

The idea was that the image of the ring is a table on which there is a cup with a frog, so the ring can stand by itself as a souvenir. Due to its shape, it is comfortable to wear despite its weight. To reduce weight, inside the shank, a cavity was cut and covered with hot enamel.

Category "Sculptural plastic of small forms"

1st place: Yan Mikhailov St. Petersburg, Russia 42 points

Lanyard bead "Elephant". Silver, buffalo-eye horn, mammoth tusk. Dimensions: 22 mm.

II place: Stanislav Pugachev Krasnodar, Russia 28 points

Composition "Queen of Egypt". Bronze, height 75 mm.

III place: Maksimov Vladimir Irkutsk, Russia 25 points

The name "Gemini". Material Brass, agate. Technologies Casting, chasing. Year of creation 2018. Dimensions, mm (length * width * height), mm 125 x 85 x 95 Author's Instagram:

Category "Interior Composition"

1st place: Vladimir Maisel Moscow, Russia 38 points

Member of the Union of Artists of Russia. Head of the Meisel Jewelry Studio and the Parura Firm. A joint project with the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation to revive the historical tradition of presenting regimental and ship bowls.

Regimental Bowls, awarded to the Best of the Russian Armed Forces. The bowls are made of 925 sterling silver with gilding and enamels. The average weight of the bowls is from 8,000 -11,000 gr.

II place: Rita Briali, St. Petersburg, Russia 23 points

An unfading twig in a vase - "Strawberries under the bush". Inspiration - Stone-cut flower compositions in vases of the great K. Faberge. I wanted to express something consonant, to try to touch the beautiful, but in my own technique.

Strawberries under the bush "- two branches in one. Male and female beginnings. This was important, because it was a gift to his wife from her husband for her anniversary. An unfading symbol of care. The strawberries in my composition have only one combined leaf. Above the strawberries are covered with a wild bush, which is reflected in the name of the product.

Artwork description: Brazed copper branch in gilding, cold alternative polymer stained-glass window on the leaves - imitation of Plik-a-zhur technique, as well as on strawberries, pomegranate, chrysolite. Size - main composition 4 * 7cm, leg 9 cm.Weight - 10g Link to product video -

III place: Igor Shevchenko, Novosibirsk, Russia 18 points

Sculpture "King of the Flying Monkeys". Dimensions: 350 * 350 * 650mm, steel, bronze, brass, copper, aluminum, cupronickel, stone.

Instagram – watch link

Category "Souvenirs and dishware group"

1st place: Ilya Palkin Kostroma, Russia 29 points

Jewelry souvenir "Cancer". Metal: silver 925, gilding. Inserts: hot enamel, emerald, pearls, sapphires. Weight: 112 g. Size: 140x65x25 mm.

Interior decoration - jewelry souvenir "Cancer". Packaging: beech wood box with silver clasps. The material in the product can vary at the request of the customer. The product contains moving parts: tail, legs, claws.

II place: Semyon Fleury St. Petersburg, Russia 25 points

Title: "le Grenouille". Description: Menazhnitsa for the festive table. Dimensions: ~ 199 x 150 mm. Materials: jade, cacholong, citrine, tiger's eye, 925 sterling silver.

III place: Sergei Rudi Moscow, Russia 21 points

Title: "Brooch - Perfume Mask. Venice. In a box". Nickel silver. Mammoth bone. Mahogany. Natural leather. Stainless steel. Hand engraving with hand gravers. Chasing. Manual bone carving. Forging. The size of the brooch (front dimension) is 65x33 mm, the size of the box is LWH 89x47x23 mm.

Category "Art objects"

1st place: Jeremy Bellmay, Los Angeles, USA 34 points

Material: 925 sterling silver.

II place: Sergey Agadzhanyan, St. Petersburg 33 points

All parts are handcrafted and assembled by hand. Silver, gold, wood-walnut. Case length 11 cm, violin 8 cm.

III place: Yaralov Sergey Moscow, Russia 18 points

Eternal memory of glory. Eternal glory to memory

Installation of 40 * individual objects (finished work). Natural stone, steel. Installation area 100x60 cm. Moscow. 2021

Concept: Two-part stone objects resembling orders and medals. Fossils or stone images are sculptures. Worn, polished by time until the complete loss of the image, insignia and accessories, turned by time into a pellet, pebble, pebbles - a smooth and absolutely neutral informational object. But this lack of information is information itself.

The feat is forgotten, the meaning of the created is lost, there remains only the designation of a heroic event (oblivion), the feeling that a Man can sound proudly, that he can be written with a capital letter ...

All that remains is the memory of glory, the eternal (stone) memory ...

And eternal glory to this memory!

Category "Jewelry for Beginners"

1st place: Stanislav Sonnikov Tallinn, Estonia 28 points

Title: "The Sun of the Scythians". Hand sawing and engraving in gold, thinned the thinnest file under a microscope. Self-taught left-hander.

II place: Tanya Zhilina Moscow, Russia 25 points

Pendant "Stump of an old tree". Modeling with wax, casting, setting, oxidation. Extra rock was removed from the base of the crystal. Sterling silver, morion crystal.

The weight of the item is about 70 grams, the length is about 6 cm. Despite its impressive dimensions for hanging, the item is very comfortable to wear. Completed in December 2020.

III place: Pavel Nikanorov, New Kakhovka. Ukraine 20 points

I would like to present the ring "Forest Queen" Material silver, mammoth tusk, pomegranates. Ring size 19.

Category "Stone Cutting Art"

1st place: Yulia Gogol, St. Petersburg, Russia 53 points

Material: quartz, metal (welding, powder coating).

The work is made of pure transparent quartz and carved to give the impression of weightlessness of the stone, as if it would evaporate in just a moment. This is how the smoke melts, along with the illusion of the image of a person that released this smoke, who is no longer existing...

The metal structure that supports the stone raises it to the top of the path traveled - these are all human connections, earthly affairs, achievements. They are still strong enough to support the weight of the plan of existence, but they gradually collapse and turn into remains, a skeleton.

Yet elusive beauty is present in this pessimistic composition. The beauty of fragility, fleetingness. The beauty of being, which can only be seen through Love ...

Video Youtube

The whole work is 700 mm high

Stone H-220, W-130, L-150

Stand H-680, W-210, L-210

More angles, history of creation and my other works can be viewed on instagram Julia Gogol

II place: Eduard Vinogradov Saint Petersburg, Russia 21 points

Helium (solar). From the Greek word Helios - Sun. Material: jade, metal. Size: h. 155 mm. Weight: 2160g. 2020 g.

III place: Semyon Fleury St. Petersburg, Russia 17 points

Title: "Umka". Description: A stone-cut composition based on a cartoon known from childhood can serve as an interior decoration or a paperweight for a desktop. Dimensions: ~ 130 x 66 mm. Materials: Rock crystal, cacholong, black jade, diamonds.

Category "Gemstone Carving"

1st place: Alexey Serpionov, Kaliningrad, Russia

Carving in Baltic amber. Pendant with fish - "scalar". Dimensions ~ 50x35 mm.

II place: Semyon Fleury Saint Petersburg, Russia

Title: "Shiny". Description: Cameo "Shiny" (cover in a watch ring). Dimensions: 22 x 5 mm. Materials: ruby

Category "Jewelry Video Presentation"

I place was shared by Stanislav Malov from Magnitogorsk, Russia and Maria Gusarova from St. Petersburg, Russia by 21 points

2nd place: -

III place: Alexander Shatokhin, Chelyabinsk, Russia 12 points

Congratulations and wish you new victories! All winners of the competition will receive diplomas. And also for the winners in many nominations there will be excellent prizes from the online store of jewelry tools and equipment "Typical Jeweler".

Link to the list of the jury and points, who voted how. For 1st place 3 points, 2nd place - 2 points, 3rd place -1 point.

Link to the album of the participants of the competition: View

Special diplomas "For an original technological solution (3D)"

  • Dianne Chalabian (Tampere, Finland)
  • Nir Novo (Jerusalem, Israel)
  • Nguyen Dinh Bah (Hanoi, Vietnam)
  • Felix Mariotto (Biarritz, France

Category "3D model"

3D Model: Rhinoceros, Keyshot. Ring size 17. Author: Dianne Chalabian Tampere, Finland

Category : "3D Modeling". Author: Nir Novo Jerusalem, Israel.

Category 3D modeling. Posted by Nguyen Dinh Bach. Hanoi, Vietnam. Ha Noi, VietNam

Category 3D modeling. Author: Felix Mariotto from Biarritz, France

Special diplomas "For the preservation of national traditions in the art of jewelry"

  • Christina Burjanadze (Tbilisi, Georgia)
  • Robin Soni (Jaipur, India)
  • Sarmanbekov Tulepbergen (Uralsk, Kazakhstan)
  • Olimov Dilshod (Bukhara, Uzbekistan)

Portrait of the Patriarch of Georgia Ilya II.

Burnt-out partition enamel. tree nut. work 40 / 32cm. enamel 26cm. copper. silver.enamel.wood. the work consists of three parts assembled in a massive tree. on one of the details (headdress) (miter) two icons are inserted. The wood is engraved with words in Old Georgian. (Georgia has always been and will be a land of wheat and grapes).

Author: Kristina Burjanadze Tbilisi, Georgia

Category "Enamel".

Silver wine glass, covered with enamel, silver 925. Author: Robin Soni, Jaipur India.

Category silver jewelry

Title: "Chest ornament in the national style." Size: 9x7cm. Technique of execution: filigree, edging, stamping, braiding, soldering. Materials: silver, carnelian. Republic of Kazakhstan, West Kazakhstan region, city of Uralsk, Sarmanbekov Samat Tulepbergenovich.

Category "Gold jewelry". National decorations. Dimensions 45 * 37 mm. Author: Olimov Dilshod Bukhara, Uzbekistan.

Special diplomas "For a high level of performing skills"

  • Wayne Doyle (Agnes Water, Queensland, Australia)
  • Ursula Neuwirth (Vienna, Austria)
  • Danny Ventura (London, England)
  • Yuri Kochubeev (Donetsk, Donbass)

Gold 750 White diamonds total weight 1.8 carats. 0.06ct Argyle Pink Diamond. South Sea pearls. Australian opal. Posted by Wayne Doyle G. Agnes Water, Queensland, Australia

The jewel is a stylized crane with an egg (moonstone) and diamonds in 18K white and rose gold, handcrafted. Author: Ursula Neuwirth Vienna, Austria. Instagram:

The Grail ring from the Jewelery Jazz line. Sterling silver, gilding, oxidation, chrysolite, orange sapphires. Handmade. Author: Yuri Kochubeev Donetsk, DPR.

Oval medallion. Gold 375. Handmade. Dimensions: 45 * 65 mm. Author: Danny Ventura, London, England.

Special diplomas "For an innovative approach in working with non-jewelry materials"

  • ALTER EGO - jewelry laboratory in Moscow
  • Nazareth Cru-Terre (Hermosillo, Mexico)

Title: Iris. Description: Titanium, diamonds, ametrine, sapphires, amethysts, citrines, gold. "Iris". Jewelry laboratory "AlterEgo". Moscow city

Stones used: Moroccan ammonite, turquoise chrysocolla as base stones, amber, pearls, aventurine, citrine, Afghan lapis lazuli, quartz and Swarovski crystals. Author: Nazareth Cru-Terre Hermosillo, Mexico.

Special diploma "For the preservation of classical traditions in the art of jewelry"

Ottoniel Triana Prada (Havana, Cuba)

A dragonfly with a platinum and 18K gold front in three colors: red, yellow and green. Emerald and diamonds. Dimensions 120 * 75mm. Author: Ottoniel Triana Prada Havana, Cuba.

Special diplomas "For originality"

  • Xatria Joshua (Quito, Ecuador)
  • Ella Pozin (Vilnius, Lithuania)

Author: Xatria Joshua Quito, Ecuador.

Brooch - "Dekadans".

A short essay by the author on the idea of work - from Wikipedia - Decadent (fr. Décadent - decadent) The founders of decadence sought to free art from the materialistic concerns of the industrial revolution, to liberate morality, constrained by the conventions of the Victorian era.

They opposed the old, academic forms of art, looking for new forms of self-expression, more flexible and more consistent with the complicated outlook of modern man.

Jewelry materials Ag 925, pearls, brass inlay with enamel 50mm * 20mm. Author - Ella Pozin. Vilnius, Lithuania

People's Choice Award

  • Yaroslav Yezhovsky Chernigov, Ukraine
  • Anatoly Safin Moscow, Russia
  • Andrey Leonov Odessa, Ukraine

Handmade 925 sterling silver pendant. All joints are mobile. In the photo, one pendant is plated with dark rhodium, the other is gilded. Pendant height 42 mm Author: Anatoly Safin Moscow, Russia.

The name is "Planet of Dreams". Silver, hot enamel, pearls, sapphires, gilding, lapis lazuli, blackening. Author: Andrey Leonov Odessa, Ukraine. Instagram:

3d model. "Flowers of Death". Let the war remain only in your soul. Author: Yaroslav Yezhovsky Chernihiv, Ukraine

Special diploma "For the preservation of the Ural stone-cutting traditions"

Valery Ivanovich Tataurov (Yekaterinburg, Russia)

Category: "Stone-cutting art". Countertop diameter: 500x500 mm, height: 650 mm. Base under malachite: coil. Shape: octahedron. Stand: aluminum anodized material. Fastening: three bolts from below. Chamfer: large. Polishing: high quality. Total weight: 30 kg. Author: Tataurov Valery Ivanovich Yekaterinburg, Russia.


Ilgiz Fazulzyanov is a well-known and recognizable jeweler who works mainly in the Art Nouveau and Art Deco styles. Winner of numerous top prizes at jewelry competitions and exhibitions. His works are kept in private collections in Italy, France, Great Britain, Japan, USA and other countries.

Roman Karakurkchi - founder of the Interantional Jewellery School and instructor of a number of courses on engraving and setting stones

Zolotova Larisa - researcher of the Laboratory for Scientific Restoration of Precious and Archaeological Metals of the State Hermitage.

Denisova Elena - artist - enamel, art critic, expert in the field of jewelry design, associate professor of the Department of Artistic Processing of Materials at the Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia B. N. Yeltsin, member of the International Union of Teachers - Artists, holder of the Mikhail Perkhin Order of the Memorial Fund Karla Faberge, member of the section of jewelry and stone-cutting art of the Sverdlovsk regional branch of the "Union of Artists of Russia"

Mikhailova Tatyana - Candidate of Art History, Associate Professor of the Department of Art History and Museum Science of the Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia B. N. Yeltsin, chief specialist-expert of the Department of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation for the Ural Federal District, member of the Sverdlovsk regional branch of the Union of Artists of Russia "

Akiko Shinzato - jewelry designer, Japan.

Mark Turn - teacher at Miami Jewelry School, USA.

Zhukov Anatoly - Honored Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation. Member of the Union of Artists. Member of the International Association of Fine Arts - UNESCO AIAP. Laureate of the A.K. Denisov-Uralsky "Metal, stone, idea". Participant and laureate of the "Jewelry Olympus" competition in St. Petersburg. Awarded with awards from the K. Faberge Memorial Fund and the big sign of the order "Carl Faberge - Court Jeweler" (2013). His works are in museum collections of the State Hermitage and also in private collections and collections in Russia, USA, Japan, Italy, Norway, Israel.

Trubitsina Galina - from 2009 to 2021 - Leading artist of the jewelry house "Maksim Demidov", diploma winner and laureate of international competitions of jewelry art "Junwex" in recent years. Since 2003 - director of his own bureau "3D Jeweler".

Belyakova Tatiana - leading designer-construstor (3D modeling) of Jewelers of the Urals LLC.

Rukhlenko Natalia - leading artist of the jewelry house "CHAMOVSKIKH"

Baboshina Tatiana - researcher, Curator of Contemporary and Jewelry Art in the Department of Western European Applied Art of the State Hermitage.

Solokhnenko Vasily - head of the department "Machines and technologies of foundry" them. P.N. Aksenov, Moscow Polytechnic University.

Kuleikina Olga - editor-in-chief of the portal about the life of the jewelry industry "Jeweler"
Professional 3D fashion designer.

Yakovleva Anastasia - chief artist of the "Russian Gems" plant.

Smagulov Timur - 3D designer of the "Russian Gems" plant.

Beregovaya Olga - member of the International Association of Designers, Associate Professor of the Department of Decorative and Applied Arts of the Ural State University of Architecture

Levitskaya Larisa - publisher of the magazine "Platinum"

Olga Tyulpakova - editor-in-chief of JEWEL & TRAVEL magazine, expert in the field of artistic stone processing at Creative Union of Artists of Decorative and Applied Arts.

Natalya Shumilina - marketer, expert in the promotion of jewelry brands, ex-director of marketing for Bronnitsky Jeweler

Samoilova Tatiana - art critic, first deputy editor-in-chief of the publishing house "Russian Jeweler", St. Petersburg. Author of numerous publications on the problems of jewelry art and the modern development of the jewelry industry.

Petrov Stanislav - jeweler, gemologist, technologist, creator and teacher of “Stanislav Petrov High Jewelry School” USA, New York

Filatov Alexey - Head of 3D Modeling at 3Dcast

Maxim Stankov - Head of 3D-System, Kostroma

Kate Snap - founder of the youth jewelry brand "Kate Snap"

Sharov Vyacheslav - the author of the Youtube channel BonnFactory

Gina Rose Of Steel is a legendary Russian metal diva. Vocalist of ROSE OF STEEL, STIGMATIC CHORUS and Margarita Pushkina's MARGENTA project, vocal teacher

Andrey Kovalev is a Russian businessman, public figure, musician and collector. The owner of the development company "Ecoofis", the project "Sunflowers Art & Food" and the estate Grebnevo.

Jury President and Competition Organizer
Dmitry Tataurov - the founder of the internet platform "Typical Jeweler"

Members of the Competition Committee
Denisova Elena - jeweler enamel
Atarshchikov Mikhail – jeweler


All the winners of the International Jewelry Competition "Battle of Jewelers IX" at the largest jewelry internet platform in Russia "Typical Jeweler" will receive diplomas.

As well as prizes in 8 nominations from the online store of jewelry tools and equipment "Typical Jeweler" + in the nominations "gold" and "silver", each winner will be able to choose one of three sets of training course for 3D modeling of jewelry provided by the project.

- Beginner's set # 1:
Rhino Starter. A quick start course for beginners.
Rhinoceros. In-depth theoretical special course.
T-Spliner. T-Splines cruise for beginners.

- Beginner's set # 2:
Rhino Starter. A quick start course for beginners.
T-Spliner. T-Splines cruise for beginners.
Rhino KMB. Young fighter course for beginners and fashion designers with little experience.

- Beginner's set # 3:
Rhino Starter. A quick start course for beginners.
T-Spliner. T-Splines cruise for beginners.
3D Reanimation in Magics.

Prizes in the "Gold Jewelry" nomination:
1st place - 3 carats of moissanite
2nd place - 2 carats of moissanite
3rd place - 1 carat moissanite

Prizes in the "Silver Jewelry" nomination:
1st place - 1.5 carats of moissanite
2nd place - 1 carat moissanite
3rd place - 0.5 carats of moissanite
* It is possible to exchange for various stones of the store's assortment with the nominal value of the corresponding prize in terms of 7800 rubles for 1 carat of moissanite.

Prizes in the nomination "Jewelry made of non-precious materials":
1st place - 150 grams of tumbling samples of gems
2nd place - 100 grams of tumbling samples of gems
3rd place - 50 grams of tumbling samples of gems
* Gems include: amethyst, topaz, citrine, garnet, fluorite, smoky quartz, rock crystal, black tourmaline; as well as ornamental stones in the form of tumbling: pyrite, lapis lazuli, rhodonite, jasper, carnelian, rose quartz, kyanite, hematite, labradorite, hawk's eye, rock crystal.

Prizes in the "Enamel" category:
1st place - 3 colors of hot enamel, 3 g each
2nd place - 3 colors of hot enamel, 2 g each
3rd place - 3 colors of hot enamel, 1 g each

Prizes in the category "Students":
- a certificate for 2000 rubles in the online store of jewelry tools and equipment "Typical Jeweler".

Prizes in the "Beginners" category:
- a certificate for 2000 rubles in the online store of jewelry tools and equipment "Typical Jeweler".

Prizes in the "Modeling in wax" category:
- a certificate for 2000 rubles in the online store of jewelry tools and equipment "Typical Jeweler".

Prizes in the category "Small Sculptural Plasticity":
- The winner receives a certificate for 2000 rubles in the "Typical Jeweler" online store of jewelry tools and equipment.

Prize for the winner in the category "3D modeling":
Course: Rhino Virtuoso. Advanced course for the pros.

We invite partners and sponsors to take part in the next competition!


This competition has become the largest and record-breaking for all 9 years of its existence. The competition has been held annually since 2013. This year, more than 450 applications were submitted from 36 countries of the world. Previously, our record was 257 participants. This year we have completely changed the format of the competition. New 12 nominations have appeared. For the first time, the finalists were judged not by members of the "Typical Jeweler" VKontakte community, but by 28 members of the jury of jewelry experts from 3 countries.

The organizing committee would like to thank all participants and spectators of the Competition for their interest.

We are waiting for all of you to the next anniversary international jewelry competition "Battle of Jewelers X" at the "Typical Jeweler" internet platform in April 2022.

We invite partners and sponsors to take part in the next competition!

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